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About Us

Langan Energy Solutions (LES) helps customers reduce their energy expense, generate investment income & preserve the environment. Our turn-key solutions provide: consulting, design, procurement, financing, project management, installation & maintenance. We service commercial, industrial, retail & non-profit customers in NJ, NY and PA.

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Solar Electricity

The sun provides a clean, unlimited source of radiant light and heat that can be converted directly into electricity using photovoltaics (PV). Hand-held calculators were among the first mass-produced products that utilized PV technology. Today, solar applications are too numerous to list but together with other renewable resources are expected to help reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign fossil fuels up to 20% by the year 2020.

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Energy Efficiency

The shortest path to reduce consumption is for businesses to invest in energy-efficient technologies that will reduce their operating expense and improve productivity. And in combination with the availability of many federal and state incentives, they can expect a ROI within 2-3 years. More important, they will deliver a message of caring about their employees and the environment.

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Energy Procurement

LES will analyze your historical data, create a customized energy supply and risk management strategy and execute the plan that best meets your business needs. You may be able to achieve an immediate energy cost-reduction after your next meter read date!

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